Recently, the influential journal SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences published a paper called “ Impact of oceans on climate change in drylands”, which was written by Prof. Xiaodan GUAN and Prof. Jianping HUANG, and 4 other authors. The paper mainly describes that d rylands account for approximately 41% of the global total land area. Significant warming and rare precipitation in drylands result in a fragile ecology and deterioration of the living environment, making it more sensitive to global climate ...


lanqiubifenO n the occasion of The Youth Day, ten thousand runners gathered in Xi ’an to participate in 2019 Chang ’an College Town Half Marathon to celebrate 70th anniversary of the establishment of People’s Republic of China and one hundredth anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, inheriting the spirit of the May Fourth Movement. They marched through Chang ’an college town with striving spirit to pay tribute to the youth and to their Alma Mater and also to commemorate one hundredth anniversary of the Ma...


On May 5th, the National College Tennis Championships (Northwest Division) came to an end. The m en ’ s tennis team of Lanzhou University (LZU) won the champion ship of the men ’ s group A after a six -match winning streak, and the women ’ s team was in seventh place. It was LZU versus Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in the finals which started at 14:30 at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology . With steady mentality and exquisite skills, Wang Chaofan set the seal on victor...

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